Fabrication services

Roll Cages

We take pride in our high quality cages built to the utmost in safety standards.  As your main protection, a solidly built cage is a must!  Our cages are built to exceed those safety standards, and are welded by a master craftsman to ensure their quality, strength and durability.


We build custom tube bumpers for oval track stock cars.   We offer bumper kits installed at our shop, or in pieces for you to assemble and install.  Our bumpers are made with thicker walled tubing and are sleeved for extra durability and longevity.  We can ship our bumpers anywhere in the lower 48!


We can build a body for any type of car, metal or fiberglass.  We can custom build to suit your needs, or can install per-fabricated pieces.  We have all body templates required for Five Star and ABC bodies.

Everything Else

We also fabricate everything from interior pieces to parts, and just about everything in between.  If you need custom metal work done, contact us!